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SIGHTING! Florida Skunk Ape Caught On Camera…maybe.

Man Claims He Spotted Florida’s Elusive Skunk Ape  

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You want to lick my WHAT?!!!!

Eyeball Licking Causing Pinkeye In Japan  

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Want to sell your Benz on eBay….put a big ‘en on the hood!

 In West Sussex, England, a man wanted to sell his beat up Mercedes and he decided his best bet would be . . .

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Ian tries MMA

97x, Fighter Soul Promotions, and Budweiser present Fear No Battle, coming up June 22 at the Bay Point Resort. Ian wrote a check with a mouth that his ass couldn’t cash, so Vanessa came by the 97x studio during the Stroke and ShortBus Radio Show to let him try MMA.

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Rich people problems…

It must be a rough life having your worth devalued by $10 billion. That’s exactly what kind of suffering that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is going through right now.